Mono Basic: Visual Basic Compiler and Runtime

Mono Basic is a Visual Basic Compiler and Runtime.

vbnc is a CIL compiler for the VisualBasic.NET language.

Applications developed on Windows with vbc can execute on Mono and applications compiled with ‘vbnc’ can be executed on .NET runtime.

The Mono Visual Basic compiler accepts the same options as the Microsoft VB.NET compiler.

The Mono Basic compiler generates images (.exe files) that contain CIL byte code that can be executed by any system that implements a Common Language Infrastructure virtual machine such as the Microsoft .NET runtime engine on Windows or the Mono runtime engine on Unix systems. Executables are not bound to a specific CPU or operating system.

The Mono Basic compiler by default only references these assemblies: mscorlib.dll, Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll, System.dll and System.Xml.dll. If you want to reference extra libraries you must manually specify them using the the -r: command line option.

Support: Visual Basic support
Developer: Rolf Bjarne Kvinge, Wade Berrier
License: GNU LGPL v2 (compiler), MIT X11 license (class libraries)