Quattor – Complex Set of Tools for Automated Machine Management


Quattor is a distribution of open source tools aimed at complete system management. It can be used to manage non-grid servers, desktops, virtual machines and much more.

There are three high level building blocks:

  • The CMDB server
  • The AII server
  • Managed Clients

Developed to manage the clusters and services used in grid computing, Quattor is used to manage many separate infrastructures worldwide. From massive single-sites such as CERN to highly-distributed multi-site infrastructures such as Grid-Ireland and a few very large commercial companies operating hundreds of thousands of nodes. Central to Quattor is a powerful language, Pan, for describing configuration.

Quattor is developed and supported entirely by the community that uses it; there are no full-time paid developers.

Features include:

  • Complete system – manages the complete lifecycle of systems; from initial installation, through configuration, to service upgrades
  • Flexibility
  • Proven in academic and commercial environments, managing infrastructures ranging from tens of systems to over 3,000
  • Extensive validation features for system descriptions catch configuration errors before you deploy them to your infrastructure
There is partial support for Mac OS X.

Homepage: www.quattor.org
Developer: quattor.org
License: Apache 2.0 license and EU DataGrid Software License
Written in: Perl, Python, PHP, Pan

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