Rudder – Continuous Configuration for Effective Compliance


Rudder is an open source audit and configuration management utility to help automate system configuration across large IT infrastructures. Rudder relies on a lightweight local agent installed on each managed machine (derived from CFEngine 3).

Features include:

  • Host inventory
  • Feature-complete Web interface
  • Standardized, reusable policies
  • Custom Policy editor
  • Central reporting and historic information for policy applied to hosts
  • Grouping based on search queries run against inventory
  • Automatic updating of such groups (dynamic groups)
  • Dynamic generation of per-host policies (lessens risk of data leaks from shared policy)
  • Change Request / Validation
  • Git backend


Prerequisites for Rudder server: a physical or virtual machine with at least 1.5 GB of RAM. 2 GB is recommended.

Developer: Normation
License: GNU GPL v3 and Apache License 2.0
Written in: C, Scala

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