Fish Fillets NG – Port of the Puzzle Game Fish Fillets

Fish Fillets NG

Fish Fillets NG is strictly a puzzle game. The goal in every of the seventy levels is always the same: find a safe way out. The fish utter witty remarks about their surroundings, the various inhabitants of their underwater realm quarrel among themselves or comment on the efforts of your fish. The whole game is accompanied by quiet, comforting music.

KMahjongg will load a default layout automaticly one once you start the game and you can start playing right away. The game timer will not start until you make the first move.

The player needs to carefully study the stack of tiles lied out on the game board to find two tiles matching exactly (a matching pair). When you have found such a pair use your mouse to select these.

Fish Fillets NG

Fish Fillets - Next Generation is also available for FreeBSD, NetBSD, BeOS, Amiga OS4, Playstation Portable, and Android.

Developer: Ivo Danihelka and contributors
License: GNU GPL v2
Written in: C++, Lua

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