OpenRA – Recreates and modernizes the classic Command & Conquer real time strategy games


OpenRA is an open-source implementation of the Red Alert engine using .NET/mono and OpenGL. It supports early Westwood games like Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

The game was designed with modifiability in mind, but it is not identical to the original.

Features include:

  • Add new units, maps and tilesets even create your own mod
  • Built-in mods:
    • Reimagining of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It is not just a clone of the original but has improved and rebalanced gameplay. It focuses on strategy, providing a range of units and tactics to conquer the land, sea, and air
    • Reimagining of the original Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn game – an alliance of nations fights to protect Europe and northern Africa from a mysterious terrorist organization and the valuable but toxic alien mineral, Tiberium, that is slowly spreading over the world
    • Reimagining of Dune 2000 – focuses on providing an experience that is authentic to the original game
  • A choice between “right click” and classic “left click” control schemes
  • Overhauled sidebar interfaces for managing production
  • Support for game replays and an observer interface designed for streaming games online
  • The “fog of war” that obscures the battlefield outside your units’ line of sight
  • Civilian structures that can be captured for strategic advantage
  • Units gain experience as they fight and improve when they earn new ranks


The developers also support FreeBSD.

They have a built the OpenRA engine which provides a common platform for rebuilding and reimagining classic 2D and 2.5D RTS games

Developer: The OpenRA Developers
License: GNU GPL v3
Written in: C#

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