Pingus – Lemmings Like Game


Pingus is a free clone of the popular Lemmings game.

Your goal is to guide a horde of penguins through a world full of obstacles and penguin traps to safety. Although penguins (unlike lemmings) are rather smart, they sometimes lack the necessary overview and now rely on you to save them.

While Pingus is based on the idea of Lemmings, it has included some other ideas, which were not presented in the original Lemmings, such as the worldmap or secret levels, which might be familiar from games the Super Mario World and other Nintendo games.

Features include:

  • 22 levels accessible from the GUI
  • Attractive 2D graphics
  • Level sets
  • Level editor
  • Language Support for many different languages


Pingus will be familiar to fans of Lemmings. But it's not an exact clone, it includes other features such as a worldmap and secret levels. It has also a few new actions, like the jumper which weren't included in the original game.

Developer: Many contributors
License: The MIT License (MIT)
Written in: C++

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