Project: Starfighter – Non Linear 2D mission-based game

Project: Starfighter

Project: Starfighter is a 2D mission-based shoot-’em-up game. The game is non linear enabling the gamer to choose the order of the missions they carry out in the system.

The player takes control of Chris Bainfield, a rebel pilot from a star system known as Spirit, begins a mission to liberate a number of key star systems from the evil corporation WEAPCO.

After decades of war one company, who had gained powerful supply both sides with weaponary, steps forwards and crushes both warring factions in one swift movement.

Using far superior weaponry and AI craft, the company was completely unstoppable and now no one can stand in their way.

Thousands began to perish under the iron fist of the company. The people cried out for a saviour, for someone to light this dark hour… and someone did.

Features include:

  • 26 missions over 4 star systems
  • Primary and Secondary Weapons (including a laser cannon and a charge weapon)
  • A weapon powerup system
  • Wingmates
  • Missions with Primary and Secondary Objectives
  • A Variety of Missions (Protect, Destroy, etc)
  • 13 different music tracks
  • Boss battles

This game was originally developed by Parallel Realities in 2002, and released in 2003. It is still in development.

Project: Starfightter

Project: Starfighter has been ported to many other platforms, including FreeBSD, Sony PSP, Amiga OS4, QNX and Xbox. The game uses SDL2 libraries.

Developer: Parallel Realities
License: GNU GPL v3 or later
Written in: C++

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