Powermanga – Fight more than 60 Different Types of Enemies


Powermanga is a shoot’em up game; you will have to fight more than 60 different types of enemies.

You start with a ship, and enemies show up throwing bombs at you. Shoot them, and get better weapons for your ship (otherwise you won’t go too far!)

To get better weapons, you will have to catch green and red gems. Whenever you pick a green gem, the highlighted option at the right side of the screen goes up one unit.

During the game, you will sometimes see gems falling down when an enemy is destroyed. You may catch those gems:

Green gems – makes the current option go up one unit.

Red gems – similar to the green gem, but it increases 2 units instead of 1.

Pink gems – gives energy to your ship. If your energy is at the maximum level, this gem will give you a full blast that destroys all enemies currently on the screen.

Features include:

  • 41 levels
  • More than 200 sprites
  • Joystick support
  • Scale2x, scale3x and scale4x effects
  • Options provide:
    • More speed
    • More energy to your ship
    • Several options for different weapons
    • An improved ship
Powermanga has very low system requirements. It runs on IA-32, x86-64, PowerPC, ARM and MIPS platforms.

Homepage: linux.tlk.fr/games/Powermanga
Developer: TLK Games
License: GNU GPL v3
Written in: C++

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