Unequal – Complete the Latin Square – Puzzle Game



Unequal is a puzzle game, also known under the name Futoshiki. It is playable on a square board having a given fixed size (4×4 for example).

The purpose of the game is to discover the digits hidden inside the board’s cells; each cell is filled with a digit between 1 and the board’s size. On each row and column each digit appears exactly once; therefore, when revealed, the digits of the board form a so-called Latin square.

At the beginning of the game some digits might be revealed. The board might also contain some inequalities between the board cells; these inequalities must be respected and can be used as clues in order to discover the remaining hidden digits.

There are two modes for this game, ‘Unequal’ and ‘Adjacent’.

In ‘Adjacent’ mode, the clue signs are bars indicating one square’s value is numerically adjacent (i.e. one higher or one lower) than its neighbour. In this mode all clues are always visible: absence of a bar thus means that a square’s value is definitely not numerically adjacent to that neighbour’s.

Game Modes:

  • Unequal – 4×4 – Easy
  • Unequal – 5×5 – Easy
  • Unequal – 5×5 – Tricky
  • Adjacent – 5×5 – Tricky
  • Unequal – 5×5 – Extreme
  • Unequal – 6×6 – Easy
  • Unequal – 6×6 – Tricky
  • Adjacent – 6×6 – Tricky
  • Unequal – 6×6 – Extreme
  • Unequal – 7×7 – Tricky
  • Adjacent – 7×7 – Tricky
  • Unequal – 7×7 – Extreme
  • Custom mode

Below is a short tutorial showing you how to download and compile the latest source code for this game, and the other 38 games in the puzzle collection. The tutorial takes place in Linux, using the Ubuntu 17.10 distribution, but the procedure will be the same, or very similar, for other Linux distributions. If you find the tutorial helpful, please give the video a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Besides the main 3 operating system, the puzzle collection has also been ported by contributors to Palm, Android, Symbian 60, iPhone, iPad, and the Windows Store.

Homepage: www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/puzzles/
Developer: Simon Tatham, Richard Boulton, James Harvey, Mike Pinna, Jonas Kölker, Dariusz Olszewski, Michael Schierl, Lambros Lambrou, Bernd Schmidt, Steffen Bauer, Lennard Sprong, and Rogier Goossens
License: MIT
Written in: C, Java, JavaScript

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