Xonotic – Fast Arena Shooter Game


This is an arena-style first person shooter with intuitive mechanics and a wide range of weapons. Sixteen different game modes in Xonotic, including classic modes like deathmatch and capture the flag make for great gameplay. The game is a fork of Nexuiz.

Features include:

  • Xonotic has 9 core weapons and 16 full weapons in its armory. Each has a primary fire and a UT-like secondary fire. They are each useful in particular situations, so weapon choice is critical
  • Large variety of game modes for you to play. There’s the normal game modes you’d expect from an arena shooter like Deathmatch (FFA), Capture The Flag, and Clan Arena, plus more whacky modes like Nexball and Freeze Tag. Multiplayer Race is also supported
  • Ships ready to play with 25 official maps, with dozens of community-made ones just a click away. Classic Nexuiz maps are also supported, including those converted from Quake 3
  • Track your progress with XonStat, the integrated player statistics application. See vital stats like your kill:death ratio, weapon damage and accuracy, and recent games. Tracking is completely opt-in, and no login is required
  • Customizable Heads-Up Display
  • Simple items
  • Fully customizable configs and servers
  • Functioning anti-cheat system
  • Spectator mode
  • Watch and record games


The developer's zip file provides binaries to run Xonotic on all 3 platforms. You can play the game from the zip file without installing the game in the usual way.

Homepage: www.xonotic.org
Developer: Team Xonotic
License: GNU GPL v2
Written in: C

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