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Fun to Play Open Source First-Person Shooter Games

First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games

This is a computer game genre focused on guns and other weapon-based fighting using a first-person perspective. They are a type of three-dimensional shooter game. Pick up your weapon, enter the battle arena, and take on your enemy in these fast and furious games.

It’s sometimes claimed that the concept of a first-person shooter originated with the release of Doom, 20 years ago. While Doom was definitely not the first in this genre, although it was an important game in promoting the genre. One of the earliest FPS games was Spasim (“Space Simulation”) released in March 1974. The game included wireframe 3D graphics, local multiplayer, the first-person perspective, and ships and weapons based on Star Trek. The game was played on the PLATO computer system and was heavily influenced by another PLATO space multiplayer game Empire.

All of the games featured below are highly addictive, immersive, fascinating, and hugely satisfying. Attractive graphics are an important element to any FPS game. But these games also have great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play. And as the source code is freely available, anyone can pick up, modify, and expand upon the games.

Only open source games are eligible to be recommended here. And we give preference to games that run on multiple operating systems. There are many excellent free-to-play FPS games not included in this feature. This is on purpose. We have nothing against proprietary free-to-play games, but they don’t always promote a community helping the project develop further.

First-Person Shooters

XonoticArena-style first person shooter with intuitive mechanics and a wide range of weapons
Cube 2:SauerbratenFun, old school deathmatch gameplay
Enemy Territory: LegacyFully compatible client and server for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
OpenSpadesVoxel first person Shooter, clone of Ace of Spades
Red EclipseSingle-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter
WarsowFast-paced 3D ego-shooter with colorful graphics
World of PadmanBased on the Padman comic strip
AssaultCubeAll about team oriented multiplayer fun

The games are not listed by any sort of ranking. They are all worth downloading and free in every sense.

We are prodigious fans of Terminal Overload, but with few players and no development in the last two years, the game is crying out for a kick-start.

It’s likely one or more of your favourite open source FPS games are not included here. Feel free to share your open source recommendations. But remember proprietary free-to-play games are not for this feature.

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