PokerTH – Texas Hold ’em Simulator


PokerTH is a free implementation of the Texas hold’em poker game which is mostly played in casinos and has a growing popularity worldwide.

Texas hold’em is easy to learn but needs a good strategy to win and a lot of luck. This software package helps you when practising or just playing for fun.

In Texas Hold’em, seven cards are available to each player. Players’ hands consist of two cards dealt face down to each player and five cards dealt face up to the board, which are shared by all players in the game.

Players can construct their final hands using any five cards from the two cards in their own hands and the five cards from the board.

A player wins by having the highest-ranking hand of five cards.

Features include:

  • Network Play
  • Internet Play
  • Up to 7 human players
  • Server logging


Besides the 3 desktop operating systems, PokerTH is also available for Android.

Developer: Felix Hammer, Florian Thauer, Lothar May
License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
Written in: C++

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