Angry, Drunken Dwarves – “Falling Blocks” Puzzle Game

Angry, Drunken Dwarves

In Angry, Drunken Dwarves, you are an angry, drunken dwarf. Why are you so angry? Who knows. But you have decided to take your aggression out on other dwarves, by dropping gems on their heads. Lots of gems.

Angry, Drunken Dwarves is a member of the classic “falling blocks” puzzle game family, similar to the Capcom game, Puzzle Fighter.

The goal of the game is to build large gems by matching up colors, then break them, raining more gems down onto your opponent. The first person whose field fills up, loses.

Angry, Drunken Dwarves is much like many other falling block games, so you can probably jump right in and play. The basic goal of the game is to combine gems of the same color into large crystals, then break them, dropping more gems on your opponent.

Although the game is much more fun with gamepads, it is playable with a keyboard.

Features include:

  • Dwarf versus Dwarf (2 player mode), or Arcade Mode which pits you against progressively harder AIs
  • Seven playable characters
  • Six levels of Artificial Intelligence
  • Hidden features
  • Original soundtrack

Angry, Drunken Dwarves

Angry, Drunken Dwarves requires the installation of Python 2.3 and Pygame 1.6.2 or better. The Windows package includes this software.

Developer: Joe Wreschnig
License: GNU GPL v2
Written in: Python

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