Brain Workshop – a Dual N-Back game

Brain Workshop

Brain Workshop is a free open-source version of the Dual N-Back mental exercise written in Python.

This exercise is the only mental activity that has been scientifically shown to improve your short-term memory (working memory) and fluid intelligence. The game involves remembering a sequence of spoken letters and a sequence of positions of a square at the same time.

Brain Workshop always uses the same starting n-back level, number of trials and time per trial, making it easier to compare scores. It uses an adaptive level-changing model which will increase or decrease your n-back level depending on your performance.

In addition to its ability to closely replicate the conditions of the original study by Jaeggi et al., Brain Workshop includes optional extended game modes such as Triple N-Back and Arithmetic N-Back.

Features include:

  • Game modes:
    • Dual 1-Back
    • Dual 2-Back
    • Manual mode for experimenting with non-default session parameters
    • Jaeggi – emulates the protocol used in the original research study
    • Position N-Back
    • Audio N-Back
    • and others
  • Graphs and Statistics
  • Highly configurable
  • Music clips
  • Extra brain-building challenges beyond Dual N-Back

Brain Workshop

Brain Workshop uses OpenGL as the backend for drawing its graphics. Hardware acceleration is strongly recommended. Python 2.5 or later is required to run Brain Workshop on Linux.

Developer: Paul Hoskinson, Jonathan Toomim
License: GNU GPL v2
Written in: Python

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