Tenés Empanadas Graciela – Clone of ‘Plan Tactico y Estrategico de la Guerra’

Tenés Empanadas Graciela

Tenés Empanadas Graciela (short TEG) is a turn-based strategy game.

It is a networked multiplayer turn-based strategy game. The goal is to conquer all the countries of the world. The rules are very similar to Risk’s ones, with some differences. It has a server, a robot and a GNOME client. There is support for GGZ Gaming Zone and IPv6.

Features include:

  • Attractive graphics
  • Basic Artificial Intelligence
  • Support for GGZ Gaming Zone
  • Support for IPv6
  • Support for English, Spanish, French and Polish languages

TEG is an Argentine strategy board wargame published in 1976, based on the game Risk. The name is an acronym of Plan Táctico y Estratégico de la Guerra, Spanish for Tactics and Strategy for War.


Tenes Empanadas Graciela was an early supporter of the FOSS multiplayer client-server system GGZ Gaming Zone.

Homepage: github.com/wfx/teg
Developer: Ricardo Quesada and contributors
License: GNU GPL v2
Written in: C and Python

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