TripleA – Similar to Axis & Allies and Risk


TripleA is an open source online turn based strategy game. It allows people to implement and play various strategy board games (ie. Axis & Allies). The TripleA engine has full networking support for online play, support for sounds, XML support for game files, and has its own imaging subsystem that allows for customized user editable maps to be used. TripleA is versatile, scalable and robust.

TripleA started out as a World War II simulation, but now includes different conflicts, as well as variations and mods of popular games and maps. TripleA comes with multiple games and over 100 more games can be downloaded from the user community.

Features include:

  • Good interface and attractive graphics
  • Optional scenarios
  • TripleA comes with the following supported games that uses its game engine (just to name a few):
    • Axis & Allies : Classic edition (2nd, 3rd with options enabled)
    • Axis & Allies : Revised Edition
    • Pact of Steel A&A Variant
    • Big World 1942 A&A Variant
    • Four if by Sea
    • Battle Ship Row
    • Capture The Flag
    • Minimap
  • Hot-seat
  • Game modes:
    • Team play, free for all, 1v1
    • Single player vs. AI, and hot-seat mode
    • Multiplayer using Play By Email (pbem)
    • Multiplayer via direct connect and LAN
    • Multiplayer using a free online lobby (with support for things like booting, moderators, etc
  • Play By EMail mode allows persons to play a game by email without having to be connected to each other online
    • More time to think out moves
    • Only need to come online to send your turn to the next player
    • Dice rolls are done by a dedicated dice server that is independent of TripleA
    • All dice rolls are PGP Verified and email to every player
    • Every move and every dice roll is logged and saved in TripleA’s History Window
    • An online game can be later continued under PBEM mode
    • Hard for others to cheat
  • Hosted online lobby
  • Utilities for editing maps
  • Player disconnect generate a savegame, so that you can rehost without losing any time or information, and can even replace the player who dropped
  • View game history at any time, showing not just what happened and the dice rolled, but also how the entire board/map looked
  • Many game options, including a Bidding system, and Low Luck (a method of reducing the luck in a dice game)
  • Edit mode to add and delete units, change money, change territory ownership, and even move pieces around
  • Over 18 different skins for the user interface, ability to switch map skins in game
  • Zoom out on maps, and can change the size of the units
  • Online and in-game chat, support for sounds
  • Battle Calculator shows the average results of 5000 simulated battles of opposing forces you choose from
  • Dice and Game statistics, shown in game and can be exported to files
  • Ability to set different victory condition


There are 32 bit and 64 bit binaries available for Windows. Game rules are based upon Axis and Allies rules.

Developer: Sean Bridges (original developer), Mark Christopher Duncan
License: GNU GPL v2

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