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11 Recommended Open Source Multi-Platform Astronomy Software



PHD2 is a telescope guiding software tool for astro-photographers. It is a well-polished application and has both beginner and experienced friendly features combined with a good set of visualization tools.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use, “push here dummy” guiding for beginners
  • Smart calibration with automatic adjustment for side-of-pier and pointing location
  • Sophisticated guiding and analysis tools for experienced users
  • Multiple algorithm choices for each telescope axis
  • Guiding Assistant for measuring mount performance
  • Extensive visualization tools for fine-tuning and review
  • Automatic management of dark-frame libraries and bad-pixel maps
  • Quick and easy switching between multiple imaging configurations
  • Support for adaptive optics and rotator devices
  • Automation interfaces for 3rd party imaging applications
  • Star-cross test tool
  • Extensive support for commonly-used equipment
  • Extensive online help and product support

Telescope guiding software that simplifies the process of tracking a guide star, letting you concentrate on other aspects of deep-sky imaging or spectroscopy. There are binaries available for Windows and Mac OS X, Linux users are recommended to compile the source code. There is a built-in help file which goes into some detail.

Developer: Open PHD Guiding development team
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Written in: C++

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