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Audela is an astrophotography application developed in TCL. The software lets users capture and process images, control telescopes and includes a rather special tool called SpcAudace, which adds advanced spectroscopy. What also sets the software apart is the ability to customize the application using simple scripts, although this involves learning the TCL/Tk language, which may be unfamiliar with many users.

Features include:

  • Aims and controls requirement with GOTO function using integrated catalogs, focusing assistant, remote control from a computer, virtual control pad, autoguiding and more
  • Capture images with serial, continuous, windowed, binning, scan, video modes
  • Long exposure option for webcams and DSLRs (via serial port, USB/serial adapter, parallel port or QuickRemote interface)
  • Image Database – manages an image archive
  • Automatic pre-processing (make a dark frame, a flat field, registering)
  • Astrometric calibration
  • Photometric calibration with one picture or a serie (CDR/CDL)
  • Spectrometry: SpcAudace (automatic spectrum processing, spectral astrophysics analysis…) which offers an automatic approach to reducing spectra via powerful pipelines
  • AstroCalculator – the toolkit of the astronomer
  • Convert FITS, BMP, JPEG, TIFF images and make RGB → R+G+B, R+G+B → RGB conversions
  • Capture and process images acquired with the eShel spectroscope
  • Scripting – write scripts in TCL
  • Internationalization support with 10 languages supported
  • Highly customizable
  • Supported cameras: Audine, Hi-Sis, SBIG, CB245, Starlight, Kitty, Webcam, TH78521, SRC1300XTC, Canon EOS, Coolpix, Andor
  • Supported telescopes : LX200 protocol (with special features of Audecom, Skysensor, losmandy, It-lente, Mbartels), Ouranos, Temma, Ascom, Celestron

Don't be put off by the spartan appearance of Aud'ACE Audela's Tcl/Tk interface. Some users use the software with scripts avoiding the interface.The software is entirely reprogrammable using simple scripts, and controls many telescope mounts, cameras, and DSLRs. Unfortunately, there is limited documentation available (mostly in French and outdated).

There is only very basic support for OS X.

Developer: Many
License: Open Source
Written in: C, C++, Tcl

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