TinkerOS Android Released

Asus has released a new version of their TinkerOS Android distribution for the Asus Tinker Board. It’s still powered by Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow running on a 3.10.0 kernel. But unlike the previous release, Android is not classed as a beta release. The release seems pretty stable.

The TinkerOS Android release offers a few notable improvements including some handy bug fixes. The previous Android image produced fuzzy text on some HDMI monitors. The only way to obtain sharp text was to reset the HDMI resolution after each boot. This issue is fixed in the new release. The release also fixes a volume consistent issue in the setting and notification bar.

The real bugbear of the previous release was the lack of an easy method to install and maintain apps. Asus has sought to rectify the issue by providing ApkInstaller, an app dedicated to installing and managing apps. It’s a far cry from the convenience of the Google Play Store app though. But it’s still possible to install the Play Store app by following this guide.

Here’s a screenshot of Apkinstaller in action. It’s quite a basic app.


Personally, I recommend using the Google Play Store app. Asus is aware the community would love to see the app pre-installed, but there are a number of issues to resolve with Google.

The release also includes an Asus wallpaper. Enough said about that.

Overall, this is a fairly small but useful update. It’s worth a download. There’s still lots of room for improvement. Besides a pre-installed Google Play Store app, Asus need to implement system updates. This would avoid the arduous task of downloading the latest Android image, flashing it to the micro SD card, and then installing/configuring all the apps you want.

For more information about the Asus Tinker Board, check out our review, and why it’s a great home theatre solution.

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  • This image rocks, btw. I flashed mine last night and stayed up till 3am local loading it out and playing around with the results. I like the new ‘Tinkerboard’ design default wallpaper –I left that on mine, for show.

    The performance is “par excellence”!

    Everything I’ve thrown at it so far has performed beautifully. Games are fast –responsive and crisp; 3D games look excellent, and the higher end titles render comparable to Xbox360 levels of performance. I’m personally blown away –the Asus Tinkerboard with the stable android image exceeds my expectations, and I must say I’m proud now that I chose it as my first DIY-Android platform.

    My only issue at this point is figuring out how to make my HDMI out to my monitor work with the Xfinity Stream App, because it refuses to talk to the monitor… I’m thinking maybe due to it not being HDCP compatible…I thought it was, but it may not be. it *is* a 10pt capacitive touchscreen though, and works fantastic with advanced tablet style apps. Hacker Keyboard works like full fledged keyboard on it, and is perfect set at 35% height in Landscape mode –plus, the monitor’s stand allows it to be reclined back to a comfortable angle to type onscreen. I’m not sure what the angle limit is, and mine is slightly more restricted because I affixed a thin powerstrip with it’s own toggle switch to the back, and patched in both the monitor and Tinkboard’s PSUs into that, then packed ’em tight for portability. I now just plug it direct at my work bay when I’m working on it, and I’ve got a 10′ extension cord for when I move it around the house.

    Anyone out there wanting to build a really badass android system needs look no further. The Tinkerboard is now starting to prove it’s got the chops to meet the challenge.

  • nolanmoose says:

    Doe anyone know how to get root access with TinkerOS_Android V13.11.0.4?

  • Sunny Jassal says:

    none of them work

  • puck says:

    Anyone manageg to install Play Store? Tried several version (the one from the tuto, the current version and the current beta) with the adb method and with apk installer, and I always get crashed of google service all the time.

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