Asus Tinker Board

TinkerOS_Debian V1.8 (Beta version) Released

There’s a new release of TinkerOS available to download on Asus’s website. TinkerOS is a Linux distribution for the Asus Tinker Board based on Debian. Not heard of the Asus Tinker Board? Read our two page review.

According to the changelog, the beta release adds the following:

  • Enable the kernel config of rockchip wdt for watchdog
  • Remove ntfs-config
  • Preload build-essential and lxlock
  • Adding a desktop shortcut for 4K player
  • Modify ethernet LED behavior
  • Change to read ethernet MAC in kernel
  • Fix the issue that EGL mode icon will appear when full screen playback is finished
  • Enable NFS_V4_1, NFS_V4_2 and IP_NF_NAT for the kernel

It’s good to report that a number of annoying bugs have been fixed. One example is a fix for the ‘Chromium’ bug – installing packages now no longer uninstalls Chromium.

I’ve compiled a package list showing all the packages that come supplied with TinkerOS Version 1.8. There’s also a package list after running an update.



You can download TinkerOS 1.8 (beta) from Asus’s website.

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