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The action game is a video game genre that focuses on physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination, anticipation, and reaction time. It is one of the hardest gaming genres to define. Given the popularity and longevity of the action game genre, developers have tinkered with the formula extensively. The genre is therefore fairly wide as it encompasses platform games, fighting games and shooter games. Sometimes real-time strategy games are also included in the genre. Many action games share similar design mechanics.

There’s a wide range of open source games in this field. Action games lend themselves remarkably to open source development. We’ll leave aside real-time strategy games, as they were covered in this earlier article.

The games featured here are actively maintained, and cross-compatible on all 3 major platforms (and some even go beyond that). The source code is available for every game here. So you can have fun playing and modding these games to your heart’s desires. If your favorite action game is not in the list below, it’s either not open source, or because we’ve limited our selection to only 7 titles.

The following games represent our pick of the best action games. We only advocate open source games here. And we give preference to games that run on multiple operating systems.


The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M.2D platform game with a design similar to classic computer games
TeeworldsRetro multiplayer shooter
Stunt RallyRacing game with rally style of driving, mostly on gravel
Vega StrikeTrade, fight, and explore in a vast universe
PaintownSide-scrolling, action packed game
NAEV2D space trading and combat
OpenClonkControl clonks, small but witty and nimble humanoid beings

Games are not listed by any sort of ranking. They are all worth downloading and free in every sense.

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