5 Best Open Source Multi-Platform Data Science Notebook Software

Apache Zeppelin

Apache Zeppelin
Apache Zeppelin is a web-based notebook that enables interactive data analytics. This software brings data exploration, visualization, sharing and collaboration features to Spark.

You can make beautiful data-driven, interactive and collaborative documents with SQL, Scala and more.

Core feature:

  • Web based notebook style editor
  • Supports many interpreters such as Apache Spark, Python, JDBC, Markdown and Shell
  • Built-in Apache Spark support
  • Automatic SparkContext and SQLContext injection
  • Runtime jar dependency loading from local filesystem or maven repository
  • Canceling job and displaying its progress
  • Data visualization including pivot charts, dynamic forms, and more
  • Collaborate by sharing your notebook URL
To build Zeppelin from source, you'll need Git, Maven 3.1.x or higher, and JDK 1.7.

Homepage: zeppelin.apache.org
Developer: Apache Software Foundation
License: Apache 2.0
Written in: Java

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